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Bottega Theme Review

Bottega WordPress Theme by Organized Themes is a most flexible restaurant theme ready to work with simple efforts. Bottega Theme is provided with a built-in template for developing menu for the food restaurant or coffee shops. The templates look extra ordinary in style and flexible when accessed from mobile instruments. The ready template is added to avoid manual work of uploading PDF menu list to display your restaurant dishes. The homepage offers you featured blocks below slider for showing different categories of food items. All these blocks shows relative thumbnail image for category so by watching cup of coffee user can easily assume that this block is going to shoe coffee section.

Responsive Theme Design :
Bottega Theme shows multimedia images and videos in responsive mode, it will ensure they fit with any mobile devices, desktop PC, notebooks. The slider has nice animated structure with auto scroll support, moreover it’s also given power of touch based functionality to operate using finger touch. The options of sliders gives you list of great features to select and optimize slider at the instant moment.

Website Customization :
The need of customization occurs with almost every theme, that’s why most important features should include this feature before you buy any template. Bottega WordPress Theme has full list of features that comes in website customization area as described below.

1) Show business logo with the help of simple uploader
2) Select background from your own design of business theme
3) Pick color from the color box and see it’s preview using customizer
4) Finest collection of Google’s advanced fonts list, google has best fonts list for all requirements
5) PO file support to translate your website in custom regional language

Menu Area :
Menu feature of Bottega Theme makes it simple to add your menu elements at single place, this feature helps you define custom menu title and add categories or pages below them. You can add particular page like menu, about us, contact us. Moreover there are best short-codes available to present menu group at any location you like. This features is a part of WP 3.0 custom menu where full power is introduced at the user end to custom list of pages and other elements.

Best Collection of Social Media :
Bottega Theme offers you total eleven social buttons that gives you support to attach your social profiles with them. With big list of social buttons every user will get change to follow you on their favorite websites they prefer. Facebook widget is separately given to get direct followers from your website, it doesn’t require them to open Facebook website separately to follow you. Similarly twitter widget makes a stream of recent message on your site to inform visitors about your social news sharing activity on twitter profile page.


Media Support :
For adding images using gallery page Bottega WordPress Theme gives you light-box gallery for creating image show with ten in-built light-box style. Moreover you can use gallery format to convert a regular page into slideshow mode. This features gives you best feature support to add image and video to custom post or page that you prefer.

Page Templates and Widgets :
The supported widgets and theme makes it easy to create contact page to add restaurant or business location with Google map, address and business hours. Featured post widget can be great to add any page on sidebar. Responsive social widget like Facebook like and twitter message are the result of hard work from this developer. Staff detail page can make list of members with personal details and images.

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