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Sitemile – Auction WordPress Theme

SiteMile has just introduced a latest WordPress Auction Theme with reverse auction function which is rarely available with normal templates. Auction Theme is made from newly developed web programming code and latest auction features that would surely ease down every normal to bigger task. The sound homepage design gives you featured auction slider which shows title, featured image and price with Buy now button. This location is first most choice to get large number of successful leads from the homepage visitors. There are two big banners space available where first is between homepage and second one is on sidebar, moreover you are also free to use widgets to place advertisement banner to other areas of the website.

Design of Auction Theme of Sitemile is well responsive for showing same result on tablet devices mobile devices etc. On the other hand you can also get visitors who uses these hand held internet instruments for web browsing, without these feature you can still start a site but that would loose valuable clients coming from these devices. The back-end part is equipped with large number of features to support auction auction posters and bidders. The advanced auction script is configured in such a way that applying future updates and other maintenance will surely not cause any type of data loss or breakdown.

The payment mode is available with multiple payment gateways, that’s the most favorite feature in my view. Sitemile has developed Auction Theme with a goal to offer an all rounder theme that would not lack and payment modes or currency that is widely used by different type of users. The theme can be used in dual mode, what i am exactly saying is that you can develop an online market to sell your stuffs by adding “Buy now” buttons, on the other hand you can also start online action service portal as well.


Best Features of Sitemile – Auction WordPress Theme :
1) Special Auction Post : From WordPress admin it’s easy to add fresh auctions, for this task there is a special custom post available which ease up the task of assigning categories, add best tags list, add reserve price, select mode of auction, buy now price and more. With this many fields and support you can come up with the finest auctions list for getting more leads.

2) Auction Tools : Auction Theme has variety of common to advanced auction tools to add buy now price, initial price, reserve mode price and lot many other elements. For bidding on your listing user can follow a simple way of quick signup feature available on the website and start the bidding process. Moreover it also allows you to use silent auction feature and also blocks last time bidding by providing extra seconds with the auction in-case if user bid in the last moments.

3) Lifetime Template Support : Many people under estimate this feature offered by Auction Theme – Sitemile , but this proves to be more crucial when you have problem with future installation or usage of features. Moreover it also consist of free future updates that adds latest features power to maintain a static and powerful platform. In-addition forum section is also flooded with common Q/A and discussion from where you can learn more from other discussions.

4) Feature to Make an Offer : Auction Theme offers this unique feature for to raise the chance of successful deals. When you make an auction bidders will see a box to add make an offer price which is normally lower than the original price. After that you can either accept, reject their request for the certain price or offer a counter offer.

5) Advanced search mode : Now visitors can search a best auction using address, postal code / zip code or radius given in mile or kilometer. This feature works with support of Google’s Geo location coordinates and result will be shown with map at search page.

Auction Theme Basic Features :

  • Earn fixed % for every auctions
  • User profiles with full activity details (Bidding, Feedback, Auctions)
  • Earning Possibilities : Featured listings, Normal Listing, Fixed amount
  • Rating system (5 start) next to profile name
  • Many widget based banner spots
  • Auction Validity : Once the specific time (Days) is reached the listing will expire.
  • Messaging mode : this mode comes with secure mode for users to talk with each other without revelaing contacts
  • Google location map support to display on auctions listing
  • Secure Escrow payment feature
  • Blog page for news sharing
  • Full auction customization mode
  • Profile page with all user details

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